Electra Excellence – BTS

Photographing a group of 35 individuals is always a challenge. Put aside the logistics, the concept creation and COVID-19 limitations, the main challenge for a photographer is always lighting and composition. To that extent, this photographed was planed to the extent that on set I knew exactly who is going to be placed where in the image, wether they are going to sit or stand and where they are going to look. here is a behind the scenes of how it was done.

Here is the gear list for this shoot:

Electra Excellence

Israeli Premier Football League – Media Day BTS

Every year I’m commissioned to shoot the media days for the Israeli Premier Football league. 14 teams in 14 days during the month of August, right before the season starts. This is a highly demanding production that includes shooting all the digital media for the entire season. We shoot official portraits for all the players, short videos and Fantasy League commercials.

here is a short video on how we do it.

Jasmine Layani Bridal Collection

Jasmine layani is a young, up and coming, bridal gowns designer. Now I rarely shoot fashion, not to mention bridal fashion but Jasmine is a good friend of mine and I was honoured to get the phone call from her asking me to shoot her 2018 collection. Furthermore, I thought it might be a refreshing change from what I usually shoot. We went through a long process of scouting the right location until we found this amazing, rough looking gallery in Jaffa. This calm, authentic location inspired the whole photoshoot allowing for an artistic collaboration.

here is the gear list for this photoshoot:
Hasselblad 503cx with a Hasselblad cfv 50 digital back
Hasselblad 50mm Cfi lens
Profoto Acute 2400 power pack
Profoto Deep Silver large umbrella with 1.5 stop diffuser combined with the location available light
Baby Fog haze machine for cool soft ambience


As a City person I was very happy to get the call that asked me to shoot portraits of people in agriculture. I assembled a small team, packed light and drove early morning to Ein Hashofet Kibbutz. We were lucky, it was a beautiful Spring day, everything was green and blue.

here is the gear list for this photoshoot:
Mamiya 645 AFD with a Leaf Aptus II 6 Digital Back
Profoto B1 Flash
Elinchrom Rotalux Octabank
2 stop ND filter by Lee Filters


Israeli Premier Football League

I am a BIG Football fan, that’s why I got super excited when I got the call from the IPFL  -Israel’s Professional Football League Administration. The assignment was to shoot all 420 players of the Israeli Premier League. We had 14 days for 14 Teams and a super tight schedule before the season starts. The catch was that we had to shoot portraits of all the player, action shots of the stars in every team and a short video, FIFA video game style, of every player that will be broadcasted before every match, and we had only six hours for every team. In order to meet all these challenges I brought in a whole second team to be in charge of the videos while I was shooting the stills and overseeing the whole process making sure that everything together looks cohesive.